What Should I Do if My Loved One’s Medical Alert Pendant Is Triggered?


A medical pendant provides your senior and vulnerable loved ones with the independence they desire. With the medical alert pendant, all they need to do is press a button, and you’ll get a signal that something is amiss. Notably, investing in the pendant is only one side of the scale – and the other side is responding appropriately. We have shared handy tips on what to do if your loved one’s medical pendant is triggered.

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Call 911 in Case of an Emergency

If your senior loved one suffers an emergency, such as a fall, it’s crucial to call 911 right away. Leave them in the exact position to avoid causing more harm. For instance, moving them could do more harm than good if they have a broken hip.

There are some telltale signs of emergencies for senior citizens. These include:

      Sudden slurred speech


      Sudden disorientation

      Chest pain

      Sudden weakness

      Bleeding that will not stop

However, sometimes you might not be sure if it’s an emergency. In that case, call 911 and let the operator decide if it’s an emergency. During the call, be sure to be as detailed as possible. State their age, and explain how long the problem has been going on. Here’s an example: “My 72-year-old aunt has been having difficulty breathing for the past 20 minutes.” It’s also essential to state their medical history.

Once You Call 911

Once you call 911, let the operator do most of the talking – and do your best not to interrupt. Ideally, they will ask you a couple of questions, such as if your loved one is awake and if they have a chronic medical condition. They will also give you instructions – ensure that you follow them to the letter.

As we mentioned earlier, the operator will assess the situation to determine whether it’s an emergency. If it is, they will dispatch an ambulance. As the ambulance makes its way to the senior’s home, you could take a few steps to save them time once they arrive.

First, you need to ensure that the house number is easily visible. It would also be good to put animals in another room and turn on the lights. Most importantly, leave the front door open and clear a path to the older adult.

In Case of a Non-Emergency

In some cases, the medical pendant alert might not be an emergency. Even then, it’s essential to ask for help if you notice significant changes in your loved one’s behavior. Reporting something prevents the risk of it escalating to a severe problem, which could endanger the person’s life. Call your loved one’s healthcare provider if you are a family caregiver. If you are a professional caregiver yourself, you might consider calling your supervisor for further consultation.

Alternatively, you can seek medical treatment from a walk-in clinic. For instance, if your loved one has hit their head, it would be wise to take them for a head CT scan. When heading to the clinic, remember to bring your loved one’s documents, such as an ID card and a copy of their medical records.

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Preparation for a Medical Alert Pendant Signal

One of the best ways to prepare for a medical pendant alert is acquiring first aid skills. That way, you can provide primary medical care before the arrival of medical aid. Fortunately, there are many first aid courses that you can even access online.

It would also help to have some critical information posted on the fridge, such as the street address and the closest cross street. It’s also essential to have some important phone numbers up there. It could include the family doctor’s phone number or close friends and neighbors.

A Gentle Reminder

Stay as calm as possible during the situation. Keep your voice level. That helps you and those around you remain calm. Most importantly, don’t leave your loved one unattended. To avoid being overwhelmed, you can get family members to lend a hand.

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