Trending Colors In Web Design Staying Relevant And Fresh

Trending Colors In Web Design- Staying Relevant And Fresh


Apart from the technicalities of web design, ‘colors’ sit at the pivotal priority. The colors you add to your website evoke emotions. Therefore, you must be very specific about the colors you add to your website. It profoundly impacts the human brain, stimulating both conscious and subconscious responses.

Yet, the phrase ‘trending color’ is not static but evolves over the years.

For example, let’s talk about the difference in trending web design colors for 2018 and 2019.

Pantone claimed Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year for 2018. This shade was meant to add a bold and mystical touch to web designs. However, for the next year, i.e., for 2019,  Living Coral became popular. The shade reflected an optimistic and playful vibe to the design element. Other color elements that came into the highlight in 2019 include dark mode, vibrant gradients, and neutral tone.

However, note that every color-related website has something to say about the most popular colors in web design. They have individual preferences for choosing a shade as the dominant color of the year. To stay relevant and trending in your business, you need to choose your own shade. Also, learn about the psychology of colors in web design. Only then you will be able to choose the perfect color for your website design.

What Is A Color Palette In Web Design?

A typical color palette in web design has different hues. It works harmoniously together. It includes primary colors and accent colors. Primary colors in web design are the primary element and represent the brand color.

Ensure you choose some secondary colors to complement and support the primary shade. In website design, use secondary colors for details such as headings, buttons, or backgrounds.

And what about the accent colors? Yes, they have a specific usage in web design. These hues are to draw attention or create visual interest.

A color palette establishes a consistent visual style for a website. It creates hierarchy, contrast and evokes distinct emotions or meanings. Also, improve readability and strengthen brand recognition by differentiating colors.

Top web designing companies use tools to explore color palettes, such as color theory principles or color scheme generators. These tools guide them in choosing colors based on accessibility, contrast, and aesthetic appeal.

There are five primary types of color palettes commonly used in web design. They are complementary, monochromatic, split complementary, analogous, and triad.

Without wasting time on understanding color psychology and principles, let’s take inspiration from real websites.

 Sigurd Lewerentz 


Here, the color combination is grayish (#A0AECD), blue, and black (#000000). It reflects a vibe of subtleness and interest. This is quite a trending pattern that you can incorporate into your website to create an aesthetic feel. Also, the combination is simple and pleasant to the eyes.

Unified Infotech 

Unified Infotech

The website of Unified Infotech has black and white tones used for background and text. However, the web designers have strategically used shades of blue to provide a lively feel t the site. You don’t need to play with different tones. A single color and its variants can make all the difference.

Better Energy

Better Energy

The site of Better Energy uses Strong cyan (#11ABC1), Bright Pink (#DF3062), Bright orange (#F5B935), and Dark moderate lime green (#4BAC3F). It uses bright and nature-based tones. The hues signify vibrancy and energy throughout the website. You can also incorporate a lively color palette to grab your visitor’s attention.



The website of GolfSpace has a unique color palette. It has hues of soft green (#BCFD4C) and very dark gray (#6E6E6E). It also has a shade of white and black to accentuate the brand elements. It is a striking combination and adds depth to the brand. The color choice can create a modern visual experience.

Ugly Drinks

Ugly Drinks

The combination used is pure cyan (#00ABE1) and very dark blue (#161F6D).  Also, it has some white hues used as accent colors. Shades of blue can never run out of fashion. Such hues are both enjoyable and yet stylish. Here, on the website of Ugly Drinks, the combination of three colors has created a playful and vibrant atmosphere.

Omega Yeast

Omega Yeast

The color palette of Omega Yeast contains Mostly saturated dark cyan (#7DA2A9), black, and Very light gray (mostly white) (#F7F7F7). Notice a monochromatic shade on this site. It has created an immersive and cohesive visual experience. The color combination engages the viewers with its dynamism. It tells an impactful story about its product range.



Slumber website uses three colors. They are very dark blue (#051622), dark cyan (#1BA098), and Very soft orange (#DEB992). The designer has painted the background with a dark tone of blue. They elegantly lace the shades of orange and blue. It gives a royal touch to the site. It perfectly symbolizes the service that the brand offers.

Eleven Plants

Eleven Pants

The website of ‘Elevent Plants’ uses a neutral color tone. It has dark moderate lime green (#5DAA68), very dark desaturated lime green (#3F6844), and Light grayish yellow (#FAF1CF). The combination is visually pleasing and harmonious. The green shade complements the content and creates a perfect balance. The choice of color is sophisticated and professional.

Pittori di Cinema

 Pittori Di Cinema

The website uses bright yellow (#FDD935) and black shades. The combination looks quite professional. It is trending to represent high-color minimalism. The bright color choice is fresh and relevant. Although a vibrant hue, it gives off a sense of simplicity.



It has a monotonous scheme of colors. The color code used are (#56642a), (#849531), and (#92A332). White color is used to highlight the elements on the site. It seems fresh and impactful. With this color strategy, the best website development company in India adds dimension and depth to its website. So, don’t withdraw yourself from using a monotone and simple color palette.

Getting the right choice is quite overwhelming. Should I go dark, bright, sparkle, high gradient, or something completely new and different? Experimenting with colors is fun, but not at the cost of losing your audience. Yes, for website design, you cannot experiment with colors; yet you need to stay fresh and relevant. It is not about choosing the trending colors; it is about the color that can resonate with your brand. 

To get what you really want, consider the following mentioned parameters. 

  • Analyze the meanings of colors. Understand which colors evoke what emotions.
  • Prioritize your audience preferences.
  • Figure out what colors complement each other. 
  • Acknowledge that choice of colors has significant cultural influences



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