5 Turn-Offs That Can Stop Home Buyers


Many Home sellers aren’t listening to their agents in real estate. So we’ll tell you what your agent would like to say but isn’t able to tell you. And this is the result – your agent won’t be able to get you the price you’d like unless the property is in perfect move-in condition.

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This means no sticking drawers within the kitchen. 

There are no leaning fences. No plumbing fixtures are stained by rust. It’s possible to go on, but we might need to be clear. If you’re even one of these “turn-offs,” your home will not sell.

The buyer can be immediately shut out. These are the five most common reasons to be turned off:

Overpricing your home

In the same way as trying to get into the country club with no membership. The club will be notified and taken away.

If you didn’t follow your agent’s advice and listed at a higher price than suggested, you’re likely to be receiving negative reviews from potential buyers. The most negative feedback is silence. This could mean no shows and even no offers.

The problem with overpricing a property is that the prospective buyers who qualify to buy your home will not notice it because they’re in a less expensive price range. Buyers who make this mistake are likely to discover that there are better properties priced similarly that offer greater value.

Having Bad Smells

The smells you experience can be triggered by many sources – pets’ uncleanliness or smelly fresh air, damaged water, and many more. You might not even be aware of it or even notice it, but your realtor may have told you that something has to be taken care of.

There’s not a single buyer out there who will buy a house that smells bad unless they’re investors seeking bargains. But, they’ll go through an in-depth examination to find the cause of the smell. If they discover anything similar to unknown water damage, or urine from pets underneath carpet “new” carpet, then they’ll either slash their offer or simply walk away.

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In the event that your table is packed up to the edges with pictures of figurines, mail, and glasses of wine, the attention of buyers will be more on navigating your living room without breaking any Hummel instead of evaluating your home as a potential purchase.

The furniture clutter can be confusing to the eyes, making it challenging for prospective buyers to comprehend the size of rooms. If they cannot comprehend the things they require to be aware of, they will move to the next property.

Deferred Maintenance

The term “deferred maintenance” is a polite term to describe letting your house deteriorate. As people become old due to the effects of the elements like wind, sun and gravity, and gravity, so do structures such as your house. Things break, wear out, and get weathered, and it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain your home.

Your potential buyers would like a house that is maintained well. They don’t want to wonder what’s next to be fixed or what it will cost.

Outdated Decoration

People are interested in your home instead of purchasing brand new due to price and location. They want to live in your neighborhood, but it doesn’t mean they’re looking to live in an outdated home. Like they would want an aesthetically pleasing home, They want a house that appears modern, even if it’s from the past.

Avocado green and Harvest gold from the seventies, gentle blues and soft shades from the eighties, jewel tones from the nineties, and onyx and gold in the should are just a few shades that could be outdated for your house. The texture of popcorn ceilings, carpets made of shag or Berber, and flocked wallpapers make your home look older.

If you’re not up to date, buyers will not want to join them. The goal is to get seen as smart and cool.

In the end, the market is an unforgiving mirror. If you’re not investing in your home due to the belief that it’s an investment others should be paying you to make, then you’re in for an unexpected shock. You’ll be left with a property that’s not selling.

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