Dropshipping: What is it, and how can you get started?


Are you seeking ways to get into the world of online shopping and take your 9-5 job out of your dust?

Dropshipping is among the most secure and easy methods of doing that!

Dropshipping is a low-risk internet business model that helps you go from zero to hero in a couple of hours of effort per day. Additionally, it can be a manageable amount of capital.

Intrigued? Are you? Continue reading to find out more about this fascinating method to earn money in the ever-growing world of e-commerce.

This article will cover the following:

  • Define dropshipping
  • Discussion about the potential for profit
  • Review its advantages and disadvantages
  • Define why the supply chain functions
  • Ask frequently asked questions

Everything in a manner that you understand!

The definition of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a form of order fulfillment in which store owners aren’t in charge of inventory. Instead, dropshippers purchase products from a third-party vendor who takes care of customer orders for them.

An example of dropshipping

Let’s say you own an online shop where you sell dog-related products.

As a dropshipper, you only need to purchase hundreds or even thousands of collars or leashes before you need them and keep them in a warehouse that you rent (or in your garage) until you can make the sale. Instead, you choose an outside vendor with the space in their warehouse to store your products.

When a client purchases directly from your vendor (or suppliers, and there could be a variety of them), they will take control of the purchase and deliver the item directly to your customer. You don’t have to worry about logistics!

It’s pretty cool.

The main job of an online seller is to draw customers to your online store. You must also make sure you are marketing your dropshipping business. You can accomplish this whenever you have a laptop and internet connectivity!

How did drop shipping become very popular.

In the year 2019, the world dropshipping market was worth $162.44 billion. The market’s value will rise to a staggering $591.77 billion in 2027. How did we get to this point?

Dropshipping is a technique that dates back to the 1960s when you could purchase items from a catalog. You could pick a product you liked, place an appointment, and be able to have it delivered directly from a store to your doorstep.

Let’s look at what’s transpired since the introduction of the internet.

Amazon and eBay

In the early 2000s, Amazon and eBay made it possible for people like you to sell on the internet. They both Amazon and eBay permit dropshipping. They do charge fees for dropshipping, but they do not take any commissions. For instance, Amazon takes between 10 percent and 15% of your earnings. But Amazon allows you to reach more than 300 million active customers with an extremely high likelihood of purchasing.


In the next 10 years, AliExpress happened and enabled everyone worldwide to purchase products straight through Chinese manufacturers.

The introduction of AliExpress profoundly affected the dropshipping business because of the following:

  • The language barrier was eliminated.
  • The process of buying became simpler and more affordable.


With the advent of Shopify, the possibility was opened for people to set up online stores in one or two steps. Other apps for marketing automation included in Shopify’s Shopify App Store allowed merchants to make their lives simpler. For example, Shopify’s SEO-related apps will help you rank on search engines such as Google. With more than 5,300 applications on Shopify’s App Store Shopify App Store, entrepreneurs like you can now become dropshippers more easily than ever before.

Are dropshipping companies profitable?

Dropshipping today is a real business opportunity that can earn you 10k in just two months or more when you are comfortable with it! The sky is the limit. Dropshipping is so effective that 33% of the online stores use it to meet their customers’ needs for products.

We have already discussed that dropshipping will become a $591.77 billion business in 2027. How can you grab an opportunity to be part of that? Let’s return to the store you imagine for your dog.

One of the items that you have in your store is this dog bed with an orthopedic design.

This bed is available on AliExpress at a price as low as $8.45. You can sell it for $39 through your online store with shipping and advertising cost of $9 per item (most customers want free shipping); therefore we suggest including shipping costs into the cost of the product ).

If you wish to earn more than $10,000 per month, you’ll need to sell around 464 of these dog beds.

If you think about it, 464 might not be enough when you reach prospective customers from all over the globe. If you use the right marketing strategies you could earn thousands of dollars a month!

Therefore, dropshipping can be a lucrative business model. It’s all you need to do is find the most successful products and then install a few Shopify applications that can assist you in generating sales. A lot of these apps provide an initial trial for free to make it easier to pick the right one.

The advantages and disadvantages of a dropshipping service

Dropshipping can be a reasonably simple method for entrepreneurs looking to get into the world of e-commerce. You don’t need a prestigious diploma from a business school or vast sums of money to start your venture. The growing trend of customers preferring online stores rather than brick-and-mortar shops is also a way to get ahead.

There are a few disadvantages that go along with dropshipping’s fantastic flexibility. Look over the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping to determine whether this business model is the best option for you!

Advantages of Dropshipping

Here are the main reasons that you should consider becoming Dropshipper.

It’s a breeze to start with dropshipping. Once you’ve found a good product and are ready to launch your first dropshipping shop within a few hours. The process is easy. You’ll need to improve your store when you’ve observed how customers interact with the site. However, it’s simple to set up.

Because you don’t need to purchase inventory in advance, You can easily experiment with new products!

  • It only requires small amounts of money to get started selling.

Dropshipping is an excellent option for those who don’t need to dip into their savings before launching your store online. The business model doesn’t need that you purchase products in advance, and you don’t have to buy inventory or rent locations to house your goods. Dropshipping is a way to eliminate many of the typical expenses that traditional retailers have to pay.

Start your first dropshipping shop starting with just $290!

  • A third party is responsible for the shipping for you.

One of the major benefits of dropshipping is it is optional to think about shipping and storing your inventory. You can run an online retail business and not touch the products you sell! The third-party supplier will take control of the purchase when a customer purchases an item from you.

This being said, it is still recommended to test the quality of any product you plan to market and then order samples.

Dropshipping is a dropshipping option. You don’t have to:

  • Send and pack your items
  • Hire a warehouse
  • Manage your inventory
  • Handle returns

With the time you have, you can work on improving your business and attracting new customers!

  • It’s simple to expand your dropshipping business.

As a hands-off company, it’s okay to be concerned about adding more work to be done when you begin to sell more It’s not packaging and shipping the goods! If your business grows, it may be necessary to put more money into your marketing efforts to generate more sales. However, the way you conduct your day-to-day work will remain the same overall.

  • You can market wherever you’d like

Once you’ve gotten into E-commerce, your geographical location will not restrict you. As a dropshipper, it is possible to sell your items wherever you are in the world, as long as shipping costs are worthwhile. Learn more about creating an international store and learn the best methods for going international.

  • The majority of your tasks to applications

It is not necessary to gather the services of a marketing team or be a master of all trades in order to launch an online business. Many apps on Shopify are available to help you automatize your marketing.

For instance, you could use Facebook ads on autopilot instead of trying for weeks to find the most effective methods for dynamic Facebook advertising. Let the applications perform the job while you manage the other aspects of dropshipping your business.

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