Which is the best glass or Tiled (Solid) Conservatory Roof?


 If you’re planning to construct an extension to your conservatory this year or considering replacing your current conservatory roof, it is important to consider the options you have. The most commonly used choices are a transparent roof or a solid tiled roof. 

However, each has its own pros and cons. To assist you in making the decision you’re looking for; we’ve provided brief descriptions below.

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Glass Conservatory Roof:

If you’re planning to build your dream conservatory that maximizes the light entering the space, a glass roof might be the most suitable option. The larger quantity of glass will give modern, clean lines yet be a good fit with traditional settings. If you’re seeking to make a change to ensure your conservatory stays warm during the winter months and cool on hot summer days, then this could also meet your requirements.

Thermal Efficiency:

Glass roofs are pretty energy efficient. The properties that make them insulators are derived from the most advanced advances in glass technologies. This allows your conservatory to remain cool in the summer months, preventing sunlight from getting through the glass, and helps keep your conservatory warm during winter months, allowing the temperature inside to increase faster, making it less expensive to heat.

Noise Reduction:

If the noise level is a problem, especially if your conservatory’s roof is old polycarbonate, converting to glass could increase up to 50 percent. With the typical British weather bringing frequent rain showers and the sound that comes from striking a roof made of polycarbonate could be a problem in the use of the conservatory during these conditions. Glass roofs let you listen to music or talk in the room, without having to be interrupted.


Conservatory glass is now extremely robust and durable. The installation of a modern conservatory glass roof will guarantee that you don’t require replacement for many years to come.

A solid, tiled Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof can be a seamless addition to your house. It’s easy to blend in with the color of your roof, creating a brand new living space that complements the exterior of your house. Also, like glass roofs, the energy efficiency aspect applies to solid roofs. This helps to keep heating costs low.

Low Maintenance:

The conservatory roofs that are tiled are incredibly robust. In addition, dirt and debris are significantly less likely to be apparent, and you could effortlessly avoid cleaning them frequently. If you have a glass roof, it is possible to wash off dirt and dust to maintain the level of visibility you paid for; however, the solid roof is able to eliminate this.

Completely seamless addition:

As previously mentioned, many designs and finishes can be used on an exterior solid roofing conservatory. It could be any brickwork and the tiles for roofs, and they can be fitted to the existing ones that are already in place with regard to bricks and tiles. This is particularly attractive to a traditional home where you don’t wish for a conservatory that stands out too much yet wants more space and sunlight.

Energy efficient:

The conservatory’s solid roof will generally produce the same effects similar to the roof you have on your home. It is fully insulated and efficient thermally can help keep your home warm and less expensive to heat your home without increasing your energy bill.

Final Thoughts: 

Which is the Best? Glass or Solid (Tiled) Conservatory Roof?

In the end, both solid and glass roof conservatories offer advantages. You can choose a design that lets the most natural light pass through the room or is a seamless extension to your home.

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