What to Wear to Pottery Class


What to wear to pottery class – Earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain are the three main categories of pottery created from ceramic materials. An item must be a fired ceramic ware that contains clay when it is made in order to be categorized as pottery.

Whether using hand-building or wheel-throwing techniques, the potter must shape a ceramic/clay body into a specified object before heating it at a high temperature in a kiln to drain the water from the clay. This enables the molded object to adapt, enhancing its strength and toughness while permanently maintaining its shape.

Since ancient times, pottery has been well-known all over the world. Pottery is simply the most beautiful projection of art, where a simple lump of clay is transformed into a one-of-a-kind work of art. People use it not just for professional purposes but also as a hobby to fill their free time with imaginative and useful activities.

You’ll need to know what to dress if this is your first time working with clay. You don’t want to spoil your clothes, but you still want to be properly attired and at ease. While many clays wash out easily, the darker clays can leave stains.


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It’s crucial to dress comfortably and with freedom of movement when working with clay. You don’t want your attire to obstruct or limit your movements. Tight clothing can restrict movement, and clothing that is too loose might be dangerous. What to wear while working with clay will be covered in this article. We’ll also offer some straightforward advice for working with clay.

Online, you can see images of delighted potters standing next to finished products that appear neat, spotless, and well put together. Would you trust us if we said they changed and took a shower before that picture? You should without a doubt!

Pottery isn’t neat or tidy. It’s a disorderly, unpolished, returning to nature creation. Clay will end up flying off the wheel and all over the place, you’ll itch your head or wipe your face because you forgot you had clay on your hands, and you’ll almost certainly wipe your hands on your clothes. Because of this, we will never suggest that you attend pottery class wearing your beautiful designer jeans or jewellery.

What should I wear at my first pottery class?


What to wear to pottery class – Here is a quick post on what to wear to your first beginner-friendly clay throwing class. Generally speaking, you should wear comfortable, easily-washable clothing.

Comfortable Shirt/Pants

Reaching over to play with your clay may feel difficult if your shirt is too tight. It could get in the way if it’s too loose. Make sure your shirt doesn’t hang down and obstruct your vision. The best option seems to be a T-shirt or cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

It’s better to wear a pair of old, loose pants. If your jeans are too low or too tight, your underwear may start to show if you try to lean over the wheel. Even shorts are acceptable. If you don’t mind getting clay on your legs, it’s okay. It’s not about looking hot when you work with clay. It’s about getting messy, having fun, and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Any secondhand store would be a wonderful option if you don’t have any comfortable old clothing.

Older Shoes

You should wear shoes that you don’t care if it becomes dirty. If there are any tools or other items that could fall out of your hands, you might want to keep them away from your feet.

Sooner or later, you will get water and clay on them, and we’re quite sure you don’t want to mess with attempting to remove the clay. It’s a good idea to have a set of shoes that you only use for pottery so that the clay doesn’t go on everything in your home or vehicle when you visit a studio.

Potters Apron

Since you are also working with water, we advise wearing an apron to add an extra layer of protection in case your clothing gets too wet or soiled. Additionally, apron pockets can be used to store some of your tools for easy access. The most effective aprons appear to be Potter’s or Split Leg aprons.

While you are working, dust particles will discharge into the air as the clay dries on cotton aprons. Therefore, if you don’t wash your apron frequently, you might want to choose one made of more wipe-able Nylon material.

Wearing Long Nails

If you have lengthy nails, you might only be able to form slabs and miss out on the excitement of throwing. You must use the tips of your fingers, just like when playing the guitar or climbing a rock face. Still, you can have attractive nails. However, when your nails are shorter, molding clay is a little bit simpler.

Try these substitutes first if you can’t give up your acrylic nails or long natural nails. To remove the clay, try using a sponge on the inside and your knuckle on the outside. Or just pull up the clay with your knuckles. Perhaps you could use a sponge with both sides wet.

Keeping Rings On or Off?

Wearing rings when dealing with clay might not be the best choice. It is absolutely up to you how you choose to wear them; there are no rules. But there are a few things you ought to take into account. How much does your ring cost? A stone could become lost in the clay. The band will deteriorate if you wind up tossing a lot of clay over time. Rings can, regrettably, leave a pattern on your ceramics. It is therefore recommended to take your rings off when working with clay.

Dust Mask

Even though you might never use one, it’s a good idea to have one on hand if you’re working anywhere where clay dust is likely to be mixed up. You should use a dust mask when working on a project in a small space where you will be spraying glazes or handling clay dust. Additionally, it is necessary if you are mixing dry clay or glaze.

Rags and Sponges are Important

You must have at least one damp rag available. Occasionally, you’ll need to wipe your hands. Additionally, you will be wiping clay off of objects that you claimed you never touched. Having rags specifically for glazing and clay would be really great. Clay that sticks to sponges can easily be removed with water by rinsing the sponge.

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Tips: Wash every piece of clothing and rag separately from the rest of your laundry. Before washing, make sure to remove any further clay clumps from your clothes and rags. Over time, too much clay will clog your pipes.

NOTE: Please refrain from wearing loose fitting clothing, dangling jewelry, long hair that is not pulled back, and flip flops. The flooring might become slick. Wheel tossing could be challenging for someone with particularly long fingernails. The good news is that the clay easily washes out of your clothes, so dress to get dirty!

Final Thoughts

What to wear to pottery class – The experience of taking a pottery class should be enjoyable and soothing. Even after reading all the information above, most people are still pleasantly surprised by what they can create and accomplish in their first pottery session. Bring an apron, a hair tie, and a nail file or nail clipper with you if you’re planning to surprise someone and want to be extra prepared.

It’s crucial to dress comfortably and with freedom of movement when working with clay. You don’t want your attire to hinder or limit your movements. It’s a lot of fun and incredibly calming to throw clay and make pottery. It is even better to be ready. So let’s play with some clay and get dirty.

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