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We have seen the movies, heard the songs, and seen the heroes and villains shoot from the hip. Those stories of the ‘Wild West’ are forever embedded in our minds. The one thing that is common to all of those vivid images is the cowboy hat. 

Very few accessories symbolize a freewheeling, and free-spirited man on a quest, the way cowboy hats do!

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Cowboy hats are no longer just a thing for the west. They have become a fashion trend that even the youth across the globe follow today. So, if you want to purchase and sport a cowboy hat, then read these tips to choose one that adds to your face.

It comes in a variety of shapes

One must know that the shape of a cowboy hat is one of its most distinguishing qualities. So, these are some of the most popular shapes:

When we pick out an outfit, we tend to pick it based on our body shape. The same is true of hats. We typically use our facial profile to help us choose the right shape cowboy hat. While anyone has the potential to make any hat look good, here are our recommendations:

  • The Gambler- It has a flat crown top with a circular indent.
  • Cattleman crease- It has a single crease that passes through the centre of the crown and has two dents along each side.
  • The Gus- The hat has a tall brim and three creases at the front. Hence, it has a steep slope.
  • Pinch Front- The hat is designed with a crown that has a diamond-shaped pinch at the front. It is quite similar to a fedora hat.
  • Open crown- Such a hat has absolutely no crease anywhere on the crown.

Select According To Your Face Shape

There’s no doubt that cowboy hats add a great look to men and women. However, not just any random cowboy hat will suit your face. You need to pick one based on the shape of your face shape and size. So, let’s have a look.

  • Oval face shape- Men or women with such a face shape must choose cowboy hats with a medium or tall height crown and a curved brim.
  • Square face shape- A hat with a wide brim and an open crease is going to suit you just fine.
  • Long face shape- You must choose a hat with a cattleman crease. It must have a wide brim and a medium-sized crown.
  • Heart-shaped face- Try on a pinch crease with a flatter brim and see how it compliments your looks.

Style of the Cowboy Hat 

There are numerous styles available for cowboy hats. So, the first thing before getting a cowboy hat that you should check is which style would be the best fit for your wardrobe. Try to get a hat with neutral colours. Though black almost fits every outfit, cowboy hats with classic colours, i.e. brown or tan are an integral part of western hat styles. But the main thing is your cowboy hat must match your personality.

Choose a hat based on its functionality

With cowboy hats, each hat shape serves a specific function. The evolution of the hat has occurred for specific reasons throughout the course of history. You would want to choose a hat based on comfort level, or for its intended purpose. 

As mentioned, cowboy hat shapes evolved for specific reasons throughout history. For example, the Gus hat was for dancing, and its form made it easy for cowboys to tip their hats to the ladies. The hat shape you choose may change depending on whether you’re wearing your hat to go riding or dancing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

For example, the Gus was designed for dancing. It is easy to wear, has a good grip on the head, and is easy to take off so a man can tip his hat to a lady. So the hat you choose will depend on whether you wear it during horse riding, dancing, or a party.

  • High crowns- These tend to trap hot air. Hence, they are suitable as part of winter wear, or in countries with a cold climate.
  • Low crowns- These do the complete reverse by not accumulating hot air. Hence, they are the perfect choice for those scorching summers or countries with moderate to hot climates.
  • Large crowns- These are a perfect fit for bike riders as they allow you to pull them further down on the head. As a result, these are not going to blow away with the wind.
  • Wider brims- These are the cowboy hats to wear during a stormy and breezy day, or during a heavy downpour.

Cowboy hats are one of a kind that can entirely change your appearance. It adds style, boldness, and boldness to your personality. So, whenever you go cowboy hat shopping, keep these points in mind.


Continuously store your cap with the edge looking up. Laying a rancher cap with the edge laying on a level surface, similar to a table or dresser, throughout some stretch of time, will gradually twist the edge, making it lose shape.

Continuously get the rancher cap by the edge. Snatching the crown can fold or scratch the wrinkle. While changing your rancher cap, make certain to hold the front and back of the edge.

Straw or fleece caps handle dampness well and may get wet without getting harmed. Simply make sure to allow it to air dry. Try not to allow your cowpoke to cap dry almost a high hotness source. This can make your cap grow and twist.

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