The Best Paying Jobs in Capital Goods


In search of the best paying jobs in capital goods? The capital goods sector is one that you should take into consideration. Manufacturing businesses use capital goods, which are long-lasting goods, to create products and services. These include equipment, machinery, vehicles, and tools. Recent studies show that the average wage for employees in the capital goods sector is higher than the average for all other sectors, and a range of departments and functions within the industry are open to new hiring.

We’ve taken the effort to compile this list of our top 12 choices because we know that many individuals are interested in learning about the highest-paying positions in the capital goods sector. It may seem as though you have no choice but to take the first job that comes your way if you’re looking for work, especially if you’re trying to make ends meet and pay the bills. There are many capital goods jobs with great salaries and benefits out there if you look close enough, making them ideal for developing your career and getting the pay you deserve.

This article covers:

The best paying jobs in capital goods sector

Average pay by industry and expected earnings

Answers to the question of whether one should think about working in capital goods

Likewise top capital goods organizations

But first, let’s take a closer look at each of the points raised above before moving on. To start, let’s examine what capital goods are and some real-world instances.

What Are Capital Goods?

Capital goods are products that are not part of the new product but are used in the production of other items. Machine tools, industrial machinery, plant equipment, textile machinery, electrical equipment, printing as well as packaging machinery are a few examples.

The tools, structures, and other manufactured goods infrastructure known as capital goods are required to produce the items you use on a daily basis. The capital goods sector employs people to ensure that these elements of the manufacturing process are accessible so that producers can satisfy customer demand. This process involves several roles, including the highest paying positions in capital goods.


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Whether you wind up improving production procedures in the textile business or creating machines that create components for cars, capital goods occupations provide lucrative compensation for specific tech abilities.

We’ll discuss the best paying jobs in capital goods, the job market prospects, and the training required to land the highest-paying positions in this post.

Some Examples of Capital Goods:



Chemicals- include oils, natural gases, minerals, and so on.

Textile- that includes cotton, wool, and nylon.

Automotive includes components for bikes, trucks, cars, and other vehicles.

Electronics- semiconductors, telecommunications, industrial, as well as consumer electronic components.

List of Industries in Capital Goods

Electronics Industry

Chemicals Industry

Textile Industry

Steel Industry

Machinery Industry

Automotive Industry

Construction Industry

Aerospace and Defense Industry

Energy, Mining and Utility industry


Benefits of a Career in Capital Goods

The specific benefits of working in the best paying jobs in capital goods sector are listed below:

1. Possibilities for advancement

There are lots of prospects for workers in this sector to advance their careers. An employee can progress from a production position at the entry level to a management position like a plant operator or even a quality control inspector.

2. Opportunities for beginners

Many jobs in the capital goods industry don’t require previous work experience. A more useful alternative to internships or certificates is on-the-job training. Anyone can learn valuable skills and get valuable knowledge while gaining experience that will help them in the long term.

3. Working on a real project

The production of tangible products is a concern for this sector. One may thus actually see the results of their labor, which is very satisfying. Compare this to careers, where the results are typically impersonal.

List of the Best Paying Jobs in Capital Good

We’ve taken the effort to compile this list of our top choices because we know that many individuals are interested in learning about the highest-paying positions in the capital goods sector. It may seem as though you have no choice but to take the first job that comes your way if you’re looking for work, especially if you’re trying to make ends meet and pay the bills.

There are many capital goods jobs with great salaries and benefits out there if you look hard enough, making them ideal for developing your career and getting the pay you deserve. Here are a few excellent careers in the capital goods sector that will enable you to achieve just that:

1. Engineering Managers 

Engineering managers are among the highest paid workers in the capital goods sector. An engineering manager’s main duties include organizing, leading, as well as coordinating engineering activities inside a corporation. If working in capital goods is your preferred career, start preparing for the necessary criteria. For this position, engineering degrees and many years of related experience are strongly preferred.

The engineering manager is responsible for the following tasks:

Develops, puts into practice, and improves manufacturing, testing, and product development procedures.

Manages workers and assigns work to technical and engineering staff.O

oversees the efforts of teams working to develop new methods, products & solutions.

Oversees resource allocation and project logistics.

2. Project Manager

Capital goods projects typically last one to five years, during which time production and deliveries continue as usual. Long-term planning for a manufacturing plant expansion or restoration is made possible by this role. Project manager, project engineer, & manager-level positions are some of the highest-paying positions in project management.

3. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are in charge of organizing, creating, and carrying out strategic marketing programs for capital goods companies in order to attract new customers and retain current ones. To determine the product’s market price, marketing managers work with sales personnel.

4. Training and Development Manager

Training and development managers are in charge of educating and advancing other employees in a capital goods organization. This is a crucial position since capital goods companies sell specialized goods like manufacturing equipment for the electronics industry or transportation infrastructure for the chemicals industry.

5. Sales Manager

This is one of the best paying jobs in capital goods. Sales managers oversee a group of sales representatives who are tasked with promoting a company’s goods. To supply capital products, they need to have a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process. To calculate the opportunity cost and marginal cost of goods, sales managers need a bachelor’s degree in economics, business, or even a technical field.

6. Software Engineer

Capital goods businesses depend on tech positions like software developers to operate effectively. Software engineers create computer tools and programs for the capital goods industry that make the business run more efficiently. They don’t participate in the factors of production directly, but they help capital goods companies stay profitable.


7. Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer designs, develops, and tests the machinery used in the manufacturing of capital goods. Mechanical engineers ensure that the production of their machines complies with client requirements or industry standards. The capital goods industry particularly values the technical services provided by mechanical engineers. This is one of the best paying jobs in capital goods.

8. Credit Controller

A growing number of individuals are looking for work as the economy improves. For credit controllers, who are in charge of determining whether or not a person has the required credit score to be approved for a certain good or service, this is excellent news. Credit controllers may be employed by the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and enterprise resource planning divisions, depending on the product and sector. These are essential jobs in a sector where increased product demand may result in higher prices.

9. Management Analyst

An efficiency-boosting plan from a management analyst is presented to a capital goods company. In order to increase economic possibilities, they analyze financial records and industrial data to create more efficient production procedures.

10. Quality Control Manager

To ensure that products meet quality and efficiency standards, a quality control manager supervises staff and keeps an eye on product development processes. The quality control manager additionally works with clients to guarantee that the finished products stay true to their requirements and expectations.

11. Customer Service Representative

A protection against worries about entry-level manufacturing employment, support, as well as feedback is the deployment of customer service experts. Depending on the product and sector, customer service agents may work in sales, marketing, or customer service departments.

The majority of them work for a single business, although some may cross over into different divisions to help consumers with their purchases. The highest-paying jobs in the sector include customer service agent, customer service manager, as well as customer service manager-level positions.

12. Manufacturing Director

The management team and the manufacturing director interact frequently. In addition to hiring managers and supervisors, he also sets production goals. He is also responsible for making sure the factory complies with the toughest safety regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions On Capital Goods

Here are the frequently asked questions on capital goods:

Is Capital Goods a Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in capital goods is a good choice. A significant portion of the economy, the capital goods industry, offers work to graduates in a range of professional options. By creating and constructing the machinery that support modern economies, such as automobiles, power plants, and airplanes, you can assist people in their work and contribute to the smooth operation of society.

What is the Future of the Capital Goods Industry?

As demand for machinery, equipment, as well as other physical commodities rises, the capital goods sector is anticipated to expand during the next few years. The sharing economy’s steady expansion as well as the expanding usage of robotics in manufacturing and some other industrial applications are also anticipated to be positive factors for the sector.

What are Capital Goods Examples?

Automobiles, electronics, machinery, chemicals, steel, textiles, and other capital goods are a few examples.

What is the Capital Goods Industry?

Businesses that manufacture and sell machinery, equipment, as well as other tangible products utilized in the creation of other commodities and services make up the capital goods sector. The industry is divided into several different subsectors, including those related to transportation, aircraft, and defense.

Do Capital Goods Jobs Pay?

Yes, You can make an average of $50,000 to $90,000 each year, depending on your education, talents, and experience. For instance, according to statistics, an Engineering Manager in the US can expect to make between $123,330 and $155,054 per year.

Why is the Capital Goods Industry Important?

Because it provides the machinery, equipment, and other tangible products required for the creation of other goods and services, the capital goods industry is essential to the economy. With approximately 12 million individuals employed in the sector in the US, it is also a significant source of employment.


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Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that the capital goods sector offers many high-paying employment opportunities. But many individuals are unaware that this industry is divided into a number of distinct areas, each of which offers a distinctive set of prospects. The capital goods industry offers a variety of employment, including those in engineering, design, manufacturing, and sales. The best aspect is that these occupations are exciting and demanding in addition to being well paid.

Therefore, the capital goods business is undoubtedly the place to be if you’re seeking for a career that is both lucrative and exciting, as it is also one of the job markets with the quickest growth rates. It is a job market with a focus on locating qualified individuals for a range of manufacturing-related occupations.

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