Licenses Needed To Start Welding Business In Georgia, Florida, Texas


Welding Business Licenses in Georgia, Florida, and Texas

The welding industry offers a promising career path for those who are not just skilled, but interested in metal fabrication and construction.

As an aspiring welding business owners, you must navigate the licensing requirements to operate as a legitimate business and maintain industry standards.

In this article, we will show you the specific licensing requirements for welding businesses in Georgia,Florida, and Texas, and also provide you with a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in these states.

What License Do I Need to Start a Welding Business in Georgia?

In Georgia, welding businesses are classified as contractors, requiring a general contractor’s license (GC) or a residential contractor’s license (RC) depending on the scope of projects undertaken.

A GC license is essential  for projects valued at over $50,000, while an RC license is sufficient for projects under that threshold.

In addition, welders in Georgia must possess a valid American Welding Society (AWS) certification corresponding to the welding processes they utilize.

What License Do I Need to Start a Welding Business in Florida?

Florida’s licensing requirements for welding businesses vary depending on the type of welding performed and the project’s value.

For general welding services, a Certified Welding Contractor (CWC) license is mandatory for projects exceeding $50,000.

For specialty welding, such as pressure vessel welding or pipeline welding, additional certifications may be required.

Futhermore, welders in Florida must hold the appropriate AWS certification for their specific welding skills.

What License Do I Need to Start a Welding Business in Texas?

Texas does not mandate a statewide licensing requirement for welding businesses.

However, certain cities may impose local licensing regulations. It is important to check with local authorities to determine if any specific licenses are necessary for operating a welding business within your jurisdiction.

In regards to this, welders in Texas should obtain the relevant AWS certification to demonstrate their proficiency in their chosen welding processes.

Here Is An Additional Considerations for Welding Business Licenses

Apart from the specific licensing requirements outlined above, there are additional factors to consider when starting a welding business:


Welding businesses must carry appropriate insurance coverage to protect against potential liabilities arising from accidents or property damage.

Tax Registration 

Obtain the necessary tax identification numbers and register for applicable taxes as required by local and state regulations.

Permits and Inspections

Comply with all applicable permit and inspection requirements for welding projects,particularly those involving structural or safety-critical applications.

Business Structure

Choose an appropriate business structure, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC), to define ownership and liability responsibilities.


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