How to Start a Blog with Google Blogger


Creating your own Blog is the initial step in your quest to become a blogger. A blog will house your Blog’s content. One of the most simple blogs and blogging websites with numerous beneficial tools is Google Blogger.

This blog platform is extremely well-known since one needs to have a Google account to access it. It is not necessary to have any technical expertise to create blog posts or publish them.

One can set up and manage a blog in a snap with Blogger, or you can even add the option of guest posting.

In this simple guide, we will discuss the basics of Google Blogger and how to build a blog with it. Read on to learn more details about Google Blogger!

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How to Start a Blog with Google Blogger, Google Blogger, How to Start a Blog


What’s Google Blogger?

Google Blogger can be described as a platform for publishing free provided by Google. It’s very easy to use, and authors can easily upload their blog posts via the email system, Google Plus, or various programs and apps. Users of Google Blogger can get a free domain. Alternately, they can purchase a custom domain name for an extra amount.

It also integrates with other tools, such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense, allowing users to earn money through the Google Blogger sites. Google Blogger is compatible with these browsers

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • MS Edge

Google Blogger was originally known as Blogger and was purchased by Google in 2003. This publishing platform can ease the process of creating blogs and informal discussion websites. One user could create between 100 and 100 blogs using a single account and can modify them with pre-designed templates. The blog content is stored on servers belonging to Google, and the service is offered in more than 60 languages. Google Blogger has a large number of users worldwide and is very well-known in many countries such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, and other countries.

Many blogs utilize Google Blogger. This is because it is completely free and simple to use. The process of creating a blog is very easy. To set up your Blog, follow the steps below, then your website will be up and running within a matter of minutes:

Register for a Google Account

First, log in to Google. The first step is to sign in with your Google account. The same procedure applies to accessing your Gmail account. If you don’t have one, go to and click “Sign up.” Then, you can make an account by following the steps shown. Your Google account will be up and running in just a few minutes.

Step 2: Create a New Blog using Blogger

Once you’ve logged in, browse your list of Google applications by clicking the nine-dot grid located at the top right corner. Then, click on the “Blogger” icon. Click then on”Create Blog.” Click on the “Create Your Blog” button when the page you want to create pops up.

Step 3: Set a Display Name

The next thing to do is select the name you will use for your display blog. This is what readers will see when they visit your Blog. It doesn’t necessarily need the same email address or your actual name. It is also possible to change it later on. When you’re completed, click “Continue to Blogger.” 

Step 4. Select the title, address, and Theme of the Blog

When it is clear that the “Create a New Blog” panel is opened, you can select the name, address, and Theme for your Blog. “Title” refers to the name of your Blog. “Title” corresponds to the Blog’s name shown on the website. “Address” is the Blog’s address “Address” can be the web address one can use to access the Blog. Then”Theme” is the Blog’s name. “Theme” refers to the colors and structure of your Blog. The Theme can be modified in the future; the process for doing this is described in the article.

Finish and Create the Blog

After you’ve selected the name, address, and Theme, click the “Create a Blog” Start a blog” button. Your Blog will be created, and you’ll be able to create an initial blog entry. Click the “New Post” button to create a new blog post. The post will be an edited screen that allows you to enter your blog post’s title and content. Once you’re done, you can click “Publish,” and the post will be live and will be made available online.

Be aware that blogs and blog posts can take up to 24 hours to show in search results, so don’t be concerned if you are unable to locate them in search results in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, you could work to promote the Blog’s content across various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


Changes the title, address, or Theme of a blog

As we have discussed earlier, the title, as well as the address and design of a blog, can be changed easily. Below, we’ve illustrated ways to alter the following:

To Modify the Title or Address of a Blog. 

Go into the “Settings” menu in the middle of the website’s back. There is an option to alter the title as well as the address at the upper right-hand side part of the page. Be aware when changing the URL of a blog because any links shared previously across different platforms will no longer function or be valid after the change of URL. This won’t cause any problems you haven’t posted something to date.

Modifying the Theme of a blog

To change the Blog’s Theme (i.e., the layout, color or layout, etc. ), simply click the “Theme” “Theme” option that is located in the left sidebar. There are many themes which you can select from. Once you’ve picked one, you can give the color layout as well as the general layout. Click upon the “Customize” button to finish the entire process.


This is a basic guide on creating a blog on Google Blogger. While there’s a lot greater to Google Blogger than just the basics, it’s sufficient for those who want to use an online platform to write and publish your blog posts.

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