How To Install Tile Shower Enclosures



How To Install Tile Shower Enclosures, Tile Shower Enclosures

Now you have to install your dream shower. What should you do? This guide will help you if you are a DIYer and don’t have much experience.

Although installing tiled shower walls is easy, there are some things you need to know. It is important to finish the adhesive stage before you move on to the next step.

You will find all the information you need about how to install a fully tiled bathroom enclosure in your home.

We have everything you need, whether you are looking to tile an existing shower wall or deciding which door for your shower room.

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Consider Door Type

There are many styles and shapes to choose from when it comes to shower stalls. The installation will be affected by the different options for shower stalls in bathrooms. This is due to the fact that they can be used with various trays.

Below you will find information on each to help you choose the right one for your home and personal needs.

Some closures might be better suited for certain people depending on their household. A bi-fold design may be difficult to open or close when there are small children. However, a sliding mechanism is much easier to use.

As you’ll see, there are three main options that you have. The next step is to decide which one will be best for your home.


Glass shower rooms are easy to put together, which makes them great for homeowners who want to make their own. They will need some planning, including measuring the shower walls and the area to determine the best design.

After this step is completed, attach the frame to complete the installation. Sliding doors are a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to hinged doors.


Bi-fold or foldable designs are very popular. They add a more traditional feel to any bathroom. Although these doors are easy to install, the most difficult part is putting the folding mechanism in place. To ensure the screen folds correctly, drilling and alignment with the tray will be necessary.

This task is easy for anyone with some DIY skills. However, hiring a professional is best if you have any questions. Bi-folds can be an affordable alternative to sliding systems and offer the benefit of easy access to the shower.


Decide whether the opening of the shower area should swing to the left or right if you are choosing a hinged design. This will depend on the size of your bathroom, as you have measured it beforehand. Installing a hinged shower in your bathroom is a simple task, especially if you are familiar with this area.

You can enlist professional help if you’re not confident. They will be able to assist you and speed up the process.

A hinged option will look great when installed properly, and it is less likely that it will need to be replaced in the long term if it is not damaged.

Rules To Follow When Fitting A Shower Enclosure

There are four main rules that you should follow when fitting your new shower. These will allow you to finish the room to a high standard. You can use either a corner or regular stall shower to prolong the life of your shower.

Get The Shower Tray Level

Installing a tiled shower enclosure starts with ensuring the tray is level in your bathroom. You will need a spirit level to check that the tray is straight and level with the shower wall. Although this may seem like a simple task, it will require patience to get it right. Otherwise, you will have trouble with the next step. We offer a wide range of shower stalls that will fit into any bathroom.

Apply Tiles Up To The Top Of Your Tray

Let’s get on to the tiles. Some guides recommend that you tile behind the shower walls. However, it is best to tile on top of the tray. It is possible to plaster and tile the shower area in one bathroom, saving time and providing a beautiful finish.

Place the bottom rows of tiles carefully, one at a time. Start with the trim, and cut into the corners. Before grout is applied, tile spacers can be used to ensure that each tile has the correct spacing. Tiling is the most difficult task when fitting a new bath or shower. If you’re not confident about the final result, it is a good idea to get the assistance of a professional.

Use A Sanitary Sealant Abroad Tile Joints

The sanitary sealant on the bathroom shower’s walls should be applied to prevent water from escaping. You can do this job yourself, but hiring a professional to handle the shower room is best. Although it can be time-consuming, tiling a room is not difficult. However, water damage will cause the entire job to be redone if you don’t apply a sealant to the area.

Fits Your Enclosure To The Tile

Once the tiles are dry and have been installed, it’s time to place the enclosure in its proper location. Regardless of whether you choose simple or folding shower wall panels, this step may require assistance from an outsider, particularly when aligning the right position. Before placing the tray, ensure the channels align with your spirit level. Protect the tray with a dustsheet and avoid bleach products when installing it.

What Should I Do When My Project Is Complete?

You should clean your shower room with the methylated spirit after it is completed. Use no bleach-based cleaning products as they can cause damage to the grout joints.

How To Fit A Shower Enclose

  • Decide whether your hinged shower door will swing to the left or right if you have a hinged door. This will depend on the size of your bathroom.
  • Before you attempt any assembly, make sure to read all of the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools and parts. If you don’t have much space, it is a good idea to do this outside.
  • Safety is the most important thing. Make sure that toughened safety glasses are used.
  • Watertight fittings with no leaks are what you want. Make sure that all walls have a full adjustment for uneven posts.
  • You must ensure that the door seals shut so there are no leaks.
  • It is best to disassemble the shower door before placing it on the tray.
  • Once the shower tray is in its desired position, mark the appropriate point on the wall channels so the tray can be fitted correctly.
  • Use your spirit level to ensure that the wall channels are vertical.

How To Install Tile Shower Enclosures – FAQ

We have more information below if you still have questions about bathroom ideas for tiling showers stalls. There is so much information available about how a shower should look, so it is a good idea to get clear answers before you start the project!

Can A Shower Enclosure Be Installed Over Tile?

If you need to replace the glass panel and your shower, it is possible to put wall panels on top of tiles. Tiles are durable and can last for many years before needing to replace. Do not install panels behind shower enclosures if you want to replace tiles in your bathroom. This can cause problems with the walls.

Are Shower Panels more Expensive than Tiles?

Because they have fewer parts, shower panels are easier to install. They are often a more cost-effective option than tiles for your shower walls. Panels can be an affordable option for shower room design ideas. However, they are still clean and beautiful.

What Is The Cost To Build A Tiled Walk In Shower?

Wall tiles for showers are usually more expensive than those for the tub. If you choose to tile your whole bath or shower wall, you should expect to spend a lot. The total cost of the job will average between $4000 to $8,000. This will vary depending on the type and finish of the tiles you choose and the shower stall.

Shower Boards Are Better Than Tipples?

The choice between tiles or shower panels is up to you regarding shower room design. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both tiles and boards. Grout maintenance can be difficult and requires frequent cleaning.

Wall panels are easier to install than tiles and can be installed as shower walls in a shorter time. Wall panels are easy to clean, but the overall appearance can be less appealing.

You can choose from a variety of colors and create your own bathroom design using tiles. These tiles can be used for flooring or walls and have a luxurious look. If you are looking to tile a specific room area, you can use both tiles and panels. Tiling can be a tedious task and requires precision.

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