Argentinian Exchange Ripio Presents Crypto Educational Textbook and Web3 Metaverse Wallet


Argentinian Exchange Ripio Presents Crypto Educational Textbook and Web3 Metaverse Wallet – Earlier this week, the Latam-based exchange Ripio announced some changes to the products it offers. The company showcased two tools designed to enhance customers’ metaverse experiences and knowledge of cryptocurrencies. First, Ripio released a cryptocurrency textbook designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

The book is part of the exchange’s idea of spreading crypto information to as many people as possible and will be available for users to download for free. Most Latin American users of cryptocurrency, according to Buenos Aires University economist Ignacio Carballo, began doing so following the Covid-19 outbreak.¬†

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He said at the launch event:

This book is a great resource for teaching consumers the tools they need to use these digital assets responsibly in this context.

Bitcoin, blockchain, mining, Ethereum, stablecoins, as well as trading are just a few of the core concepts covered in the book, according to Ripo.


The other product revealed was a brand-new Web3 wallet designed to make it simpler for Ripio users to access the metaverse. This is different from the Ripio wallet and will work as a multichain wallet similar to Metamask, allowing users to manage NFTs, handle funds from several chains, and connect to numerous decentralized applications via a web browser like Google Chrome.

Co-founder and CEO of Ripio Sebasti√°n Serrano said:

The product’s objective is to hasten entry into a new phase of the cryptocurrency economy, which includes markets for digital art, play-to-earn games, DeFi protocols, and popular digital collectibles or NFTs.

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According to Serrano, a new custody mechanism for the Ripio metaverse wallet has been in development for more than a year and will be more efficient than similar Web3 wallets with self-custody systems. Beta testers in Argentina already have access to the wallet. After announcing in April that it was bringing its services to Colombia, the company also announced its expansion to Spain.

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