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All GTA Online Treasure Hunt Location – Rockstar Games made the decision to provide players a side task to perform during the Doomsday Heist update in GTA Online. This side adventure was planned to coincide with Red Dead Redemption 2’s impending release because the game’s development had just made a trailer for the much praised western open-world game.

The mission was essentially a treasure hunt, which is what it is termed in-game. The assignment begins when the player opens an email on their phone. Following that, people can search through pictures that provide hints as to where they can locate the treasure they’re looking for.

Even while it seems like a fun experience, many GTA Online players have had trouble locating the precise locations the clues are pointing to. To make matters worse, participants must visit each of the 20 locations along the treasure hunt in the sequence they are presented with them. Each player’s order of arrival at each place will be determined at random by the game. They’ll receive some cool gifts and a peek back at a period before Red Dead Redemption 2 was launched at the conclusion of this hunt.

Players in GTA Online have the opportunity to simultaneously discover a hidden treasure and explore new locations thanks to the Treasure Hunt feature. Players can use this guidance to identify their designated area, find a clue letter, and then find the Double-Action Revolver as a prize.

GTA participants should participate in an online session where they will receive an email with a randomly selected marked location to start Treasure Hunt. One of the twenty places, which will have a note pinned on any object, will include a clue. If the clue is nearby, you can hear the sound of a metal wind chime.

The note directs players to three additional clue sites, which will eventually bring them to the treasure box even though this is not a specified location for the treasure. Just bear in mind that stopping the quest midway sends the player back to the beginning, where they receive a letter from a different place.

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Let’s now learn about all 20 places and the clue notes needed to obtain the treasure chest in GTA Online


1. Mount Josiah/Cassidy Creek

On the map of GTA 5 Online’s Mount Josiah, this clue may be found in Cassidy Creek. The clue can be discovered on a huge rock on the peaks, therefore players will need to keep looking in that direction.

2. Vinewood Hills

Visit Vinewood Hills and proceed straight up the hill. The answer can be found on a tourist sign close to the juice stand.

3. Pacific Bluffs Graveyard

Players must enter the graveyard at the Hill Valley Church, a church ministry, to take notes that are pinned to the enormous, plainly visible tombstone.

4. Del Perro PierĀ 

It is clearly visible on the Pacific Ocean shore when looking for the location on a map. The note can be found pinned to one of the pier’s beams when the player descends beneath it.

5. Tongva Hills Vineyards

The fifth location on the clue is Tongva Hills, which is difficult to locate in GTA Online. The clue is hidden beside the rushing river on a rock that players must find by going below the bridge.

6. San Chianski Mountain Range

A boat and a small house may be seen here, which is near the San Chianski Mountain Range. The large boulder to the right, which is also visible in the picture, has the clue.

7. Great Chaparral Church

The player must proceed to the gravestones after arriving at the Great Chaparral Church and locate the one with the associated clue.

8. Cassidy Creek

This time, Cassidy Creek does not need to be searched for the mountains. Players must instead look for the clue affixed to a tree’s trunk close to the bridge.

9. Sandy Shores/Alamo Sea

The Alamo Sea’s peninsula, Sandy Shores, is depicted on the map as being in GTA Online. The clue is situated there on a rock next to a boat on the right side.

10. San Chianski Mountain Range

The San Chianski Mountain Range’s summit is where you’ll find the clue. Players may find the wooden cross after searching the peak and will have to pause there to obtain the clue.

11. Tataviam Mountain

Given that the player must climb the correct mountain, this is the location with the trickiest clue. The puzzle piece is fastened to a rock wall that is situated below a canyon.

12. Grand Senora Desert

Players must conduct a pretty thorough investigation of the area before finding the clue, which leads to the deserted territory of Grand Senora and is attached to the wall of an abandoned building.

13. Los Santos Golf Club

The Los Santos Golf Club’s bridge is where you can find the clue. Players will just need to approach it directly.

14. The Pacific Ocean

This location can be challenging because you have to search all along the Pacific Ocean beach for the peninsula where the clue is nailed to a rock.

15. Great Chaparral

The clue is put on the communications pole at the top of the hill in Great Chaparral, making it simple to find.

16. Sandy Shores

On a wooden table at the top of a mountain close to Sandy Shores is another excellent place to find the clue.

17. Paleto Bay

Players must move in the direction of the collapsed bridge in Paleto Bay to quickly locate the clue, which is located there underneath.

18. Mount Chiliad

The clue is on a wooden table at Mount Chiliad, where players can head right away.

19. Tongva Hills/Two Hoots Falls

When the player arrives at Tongva Hills, they must search for a roomy area where a clue is nailed on an owl’s totem pole.

20. Sandy Shores

Players will need to collect a clue from the biggest white mountain at the site for the clue, which is in a desolate environment where they can view massive white mountains.

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Clues on the Note: Step-by-step

Players in GTA Online must now interpret the three clues given in the messages after discovering them from the designated locations:

1. On Joad Lane in Grapeseed, look for an empty gun case under the tree.

2. Head to Sandy Shore’s beach to retrieve the bloody shovel from a collapsed structure.

3. A dead man with multiple head injuries who was only wearing underwear was found in a cave in the Tongva Hills.

Finally, after discovering all three clues, the location of the treasure will be instantly indicated on the map, and gamers can locate the Double-Action Revolver ready for them to wreck havoc in GTA Online.

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