6 Web Design Characteristics That Make Your Healthcare Website Stand Out


As most patients turn to the internet as their primary resource for healthcare solutions, a medical website presents an excellent opportunity to exhibit the distinctive aspects that make your organization the best option. In this digital age, a medical website is a vital platform for connecting with patients, providing information, and ensuring a seamless user experience. Your healthcare site must stand out to make a lasting impact in the competitive landscape. 

This blog has covered key web design characteristics that can enable you to create a unique medical website, leave a memorable impression on visitors, and foster better patient engagement. Let’s explore them below. 

Characteristics of a Well-Designed Medical Website

Simple and Functional Design

Sometimes, less is more. An effectively crafted healthcare website features traditional page structures, simple navigation bars, and an attractive color scheme. The font selection across the site additionally conveys a specific mood or sentiment. 

Therefore, you must use a modern font that’s easy to read. This entails maintaining a size that balances between being excessively large and overly small. Users often find excessive white space, an abundance of multimedia, uneven page arrangements, or old graphics unappealing. 

In short, make sure that your website reflects the high-quality medical services you offer. For this, you can work with a web design company.

High-Quality Images

People on the internet expect images to communicate stories effectively, particularly within the healthcare sphere. The visual content featured on any medical website should epitomize excellence, encompassing both superior resolution and artistic finesse. 

While employing stock images is deemed acceptable, opting for original photos undoubtedly offers a superior and more personalized touch. This approach by a web design company in USA fosters a sense of familiarity and unity as they witness authentic results achieved by real individuals.

Beyond images of individuals, the header and background images (if applicable) are equally important. Vibrant colors play a pivotal role in captivating viewers and enticing them to continue scrolling through your website.

Moreover, specific colors have the power to evoke feelings of well-being, for example, deep green. Website visitors will stay on your site if it feels welcoming and trustworthy.

Social Proof

Social proof encompasses various strategies for cultivating patients’ confidence in your services. The most impactful form of social validation is testimonials shared by clients who have experienced positive outcomes from your medical services. 

As a part of your healthcare website design endeavor, you can work with a website design company in New York and incorporate the following types of social proof.


It is an elaborate account of a customer’s journey detailing how your medical services effectively addressed their health issue. Testimonials require the client’s consent prior to utilization due to privacy considerations.

Nonetheless, in order for testimonials to create maximum impact, a web design company specializing in the medical domain must incorporate specific types of information. Video testimonials have a stronger influence on new website visitors compared to static images. 

Each testimonial should accentuate the challenges customers faced prior to availing your services, their overall experience, and the precise health improvements witnessed after availing your service.

Email Subscribers

An email list is vital in maintaining connections with new website visitors who might not initially express interest in your services. Consequently, it’s crucial for medical website developers to prominently feature the number of email subscribers on your sign-up forms, effectively encouraging potential subscribers. 

For instance, incorporate text like “Join our community of 10,000 email subscribers to gain insights on Down syndrome and more.”

Media Appearances

If reputable news outlets or influential online platforms have showcased your medical services, prominently showcase these aspects on your homepage.

Customer Count Metrics

Medical practitioners who have effectively managed numerous cases utilize these statistics to enhance credibility and highlight their expertise in addressing specific medical conditions. 

Search Functionality 

Google can simplify everything. You type in a few keywords, and there’s your desired website. Isn’t that right?

Website search functions operate much like mini-Google, enabling users to search exclusively within the website’s ecosystem. However, many websites still miss the mark on this. Search systems that are either too basic or inadequately calibrated tend to deliver irrelevant or unhelpful information, leaving users with little option other than trial and error to refine their search.

A website’s ability to retain users heavily depends on its capacity to swiftly and effortlessly find what they’re seeking within the site. A website that facilitates easy information retrieval gains a permanent foothold in users’ browser histories. 

You can achieve this by taking the help of the top web design companies in New York. Make sure you select ones with proven experience in healthcare web design. So, what constitutes a patient-centric site search function that genuinely assists users?

  • Firstly, a prominent and clearly displayed search button or field on every page eliminates the need to hunt for the search option. It will help further if the search box offers suggestions as users start typing.
  • Secondly, categories that can group search results, such as “Neurology,” “Psychiatry,” “Addiction,” and any relevant subcategories beneath them.
  • Lastly, filters that empower users to narrow down their search even after executing it. This could entail checkboxes to refine the search by criteria like “Providers,” “News,” “Locations,” and more.

To incorporate the search functionality in your medical website, partner with a firm specializing in web designing in New York.

Social Media Links And Share Buttons

The majority of healthcare enterprises maintain a social media presence as a means to establish connections and foster relationships with prospective clients.

Incorporating links to social media pages on a medical practice website offers an alternate avenue of communication for new site visitors. Placing these links in the footer of the homepage, blog section, and contact page is recommended.

Furthermore, integrating social media sharing buttons on service pages and every blog post encourages fresh website visitors to share your content across social platforms. This amplifies the visibility of your medical services and captivates potential leads who can ultimately become paying clients.

The act of sharing and resharing your content ensures a steady influx of new website visitors, ensuring steady exposure to your services, even without active marketing efforts.

Responsive Website

A responsive healthcare website possesses the ability to adjust to various screen sizes and devices, granting users an optimal viewing experience. Adhering to mobile responsive design principles is essential while creating a website accessible from any device.

A responsive medical website guarantees smooth navigation for visitors, irrespective of the device they employ. This fosters increased interaction and a higher rate of successful conversions.

Reasons to prioritize the creation of a responsive healthcare platform include:

  • Helps reach more potential customers
  • Facilitates easy access to website content across all types of devices
  • Elevates user experience and engagement
  • Boosts SEO efforts
  • Improves brand reputation and credibility
  • Minimizes bounce rates and enhances conversion rates

Final Thoughts

This blog covered the characteristics of an impressive medical web design. You must work with a professional web design company in New York to implement these essential elements. A business partnership with a medical website designer will help you create a positive impression on the target audience and make your website stand out.

Originally posted 2023-08-24 12:01:07.