10 Best Programming Languages to learn in Indonesia


The desire to master programming is the primary passion for some people. Particularly for those trying to build or manage blogs or websites. Of course, I’ll endeavor to learn and apply the codes for the blogs/sites I manage.

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A lot of them are based on trials and errors or self-taught, meaning they aren’t able to comprehend the language used to program. In contrast to the professional programming experts, they’ll use the same programming language to build websites or apps for personal requirements or the needs of others.

Programming languages are commands or instructions that are in written form. It is a code composed of a number of lines that can be recognized or understood by computers, meaning that it is possible to run both online and offline.

The ability to master the programming language is not straightforward as it requires specific training and can take a considerable amount of time. So, to utilize the services of people who are already proficient in the language is a rather costly cost.

Alongside personal interests, it is also one of the main reasons for people who are looking to learn how to master the programming language. 

Therefore, before you begin to study deeper, you need to first understand the kinds of programming languages that are the most popular and the best in Indonesia.

Best Programming Languages to learn in Indonesia

  • Python

A programming language that is able to create a mobile or web-based application software. Although the level of programming language is high for beginners; it is still a good choice since it’s easy to understand and the syntax simple to comprehend. Some big companies use Python for development.

  • Visual Basic

This is a programming language created by Microsoft. As its name suggests, the programming language is a source of an idea of visual design when making software that runs on Windows. Windows operating system.

According to a survey conducted in 2005, 62 percent of developers use Visual Basic to make their software. Today, in Indonesia, thousands of active users create software with this programming language.

  • JavaScript

Netscape created the programming language mostly used for web development. However, javascript users in Indonesia also include many thousands of people.

  • JAVA

It was initially created in the company of Sun Microsystems in 1991; it was later licensed to Oracle.

This is among the top used programming languages and was the first that it has been used by Indonesian programming that it could be used on both computers and mobile devices.

The programming language has numerous advantages, like being able to be used on various operating systems as well as having complete libraries.

The application on the Playstore is created by using the programming language.

  • C language

It is the most ancient programming language invented in the 1970s and 70s by Dennis Ritchie. In Indonesia, most IT majors and institutes of programming employ this language because it is a requirement to master before acquiring different programming languages.

However, that doesn’t mean that the C language is not a fundamental skill, as it is the C program is actually the basis for all programming languages, which were later developed. The word C programming language was the mother of all programming languages.

  • PHP

In recent times in recent years, it has become more popular. PHP (PHP Hypertext Processing) language has gained popularity in Indonesia.

 Programmers can use the PHP programming language for websites that have a dynamic display like Facebook, WordPress, and many more. To master it, you can learn it using the sample script available on github.com. It is possible to create Telegram bots that can be used for personal or business use also utilize this PHP program language.

An overview of the history of the programming language PHP was first created by Rasmus Lerdorf of Canada between August and September 1994.

Since the beginning of the language, PHP was a PHP programming language developed in various versions, from 1.0 through version 5.4, which is still in use in the present.

  • C++ programming language

It is among the advancements of that C programming language. Writing codes to code for C++ and C is nearly identical; however, there are differences when it comes to solving issues that may arise in the future.

The way to approach it is that within the C language, problem-solving occurs divided into smaller sub-problems, or we might refer to it as a procedural programming language. However, the problem-solving in C++ is more focused on objects and is split into classes. 

To be used in it to be a part of the C++ language, it was initially developed through Bjarne Stroustrup. As time passes, its usage is becoming increasingly popular, so it is being used by a variety of large corporations, like Adobe, Firefox, Win software, and more.


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